Chris Evanwall

Hi guys, I’m Chris from Birmingham. I have been graduated in Finance and Accounting department of Birmingham University with Xavier from 5 years ago. We have been studying in the same university for 5 years. Over these years we became twin brothers.
Two months ago Xavier shared with me an idea that interest me. This idea was an make a website which is  makes  helpful and realist news for helping people to help them to reach valuable news. I was fascinated by this decision, and I was so excited when I heard that they were going to make it happen, and I believed that we could make that dream come true, and that dream came true. Now you will be able to access an honest website that delivers better and more important news. We have no doubt that we will be the only address of honesty and sincerity.
Good reading for everyone, stay healthy.
If you have any queries you can ask me by mail

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