Christina Mayluck

Hello, I’m Christina, and I’m one of the great writers of
I live in London, I originally came from America to study here, but I opted to live here because I enjoyed life here after school. I hold a degree in Financial Affairs from Southbank University, London. I likewise want to do a master’s degree in family economics by distance learning. Inevitably one has something to do with finance in your spirit. I’ve been fairly good at it since I was a little girl, because of my predisposition to mathematics. I also have about 3 4 years of experience in financial counseling to families. As I kept my school life, I also provided financial advice to families in need.
The manner we look at life as Aegean Finance is almost exclusively about money and livelihood. Then I’m pretty sure we’re going to write for you about some very useful news.
If you have any queries you can ask me by mail.

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