Gold-plated airpods started to be favored

Airports that launched in 2016 by the apple company began to consider a completely different state.  The Arab nations, which ranked first in the consumption frenzy, started to buy the gold-plated airports produced by Apple. Airpods, starting at $ 40000, have now reached 2000 sales on the Arabian Peninsula.

Apple airpods, whose sales have been more down than expected since 2016, have started to increase their sales thanks to the Middle East states. Although it is more expensive than its competitors, the apple airpods, which are taken to provide better performance in terms of quality, may start to crush big competitors with these sales figures.

In the Middle East, we are already habituated to these magnificent and ostentatious behaviors. Before that, the Middle East states, who preferred to use their ships, cars, phones and similar items with gold, did not surprise us with these moves.We will see what we will see in coming years.

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